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This category is a wonderful place for meat lovers to browse for best Russian meats prepared according to traditional Russian and European recipes.  On our site you can find two different types of Russian salami: dried salami and semi smoked salami.  These are so delicious salami products that you will surely feel this natural Russian taste. 

You probably heard of Russian salo and you are on the right page to find one for yourself.  Look at our pictures of Russian smoked meat and salo being displayed all together and you will not be able to skip adding these products to your cart.  Russian salo with garlic and black paper at SkazkaRussianFood.com is so tasty that our customers keep buying it again and again.  We, in turn, have a constant supply of only best Russian salo to bring it always fresh right to your doors.

If you ever went camping in Russia or Eastern Europe you would probably know what is Russian tushonka which is a kind of canned stewed meat.  As for true gourmets of sandwiches we recommend our selection of liver pates and Bavarian bloodwurst. We have everything from Russian cold cuts meats to strike your fancy. 

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