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Welcome to the category of the most popular Russian seafood products. This category includes numerous varieties of Russian caviar, herring, smoked and dry fish along with popular Russian canned fish products. Here at SkazkaRussianFood.com it is a pure treasury of seafood snacks for every taste!

One of those are Russian Red caviar and famous Russian black caviar products which are sold in different packages, from can to glass jar, and are priced from $10 to $300. This is the caviar price which is of any taste and wallet to order caviar online!

Your holiday table is surely waiting for famous Russian snacks such as canned cod fish, canned sardines. Russian canned fish and smoked fish, Russian dried fish seem to stand for a perfect choice for beer and vodka lovers. If you order Russian food online, don't forget to buy herring fillets and herring in oil, which are so tasty and original you can't find any substitute for!

All Russian fish products are transported to you in special thermo packs to preserve goods during transportation. Dry ice, fast and cheap shipping and a beautiful holiday table are guaranteed. Don’t miss new arrivals in Russian caviar, fish and seafood category to buy your favorite Russian products online.

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